Join PDA's Grassroots Network

A strong grassroots network is essential for securing the political clout necessary for dentists' voices to be heard. Any successes that PDA and ADA have in the legislative arena are directly attributable to the grassroots lobbying efforts of their members. Action Team Leaders and contact dentists play key roles in informing Pennsylvania state and federal lawmakers about how health-care legislation affects the dental profession and patients' access to quality care.

Contact Dentists — The Homefront

PDA contact dentists act as liaisons between PDA and state legislators by developing and maintaining a personal relationship with representatives in their district. Responsibilities of contact dentists include:
  • Relay PDA's position to state legislators on dental-related issues approximately five times a year.
  • Attend campaign fundraisers on PDA's behalf.
  • Act as a source of information and promote participation in the grassroots network to dentists in their districts.

Action Team Leader — The Feds

The American Dental Association established a grassroots program that enables contact dentists to effectively communicate with members of the United States Congress. The ADA Action Team Network consists of a team leader who coordinates legislative grassroots activities with other dentists in his or her legislative district. Action Team Leaders are asked to perform the following duties:
  • Act as a liaison between ADA and federal legislators.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the their federal legislators.
  • Relay ADA's position to federal legislators on dental-related issues approximately five times a year.
  • Activate and monitor the Action Team's grassroots responses to action alerts.
  • Attend campaign fundraisers on ADA's behalf.
Sign up today to become a part of PDA's grassroots network. Contact PDA at (717) 234-5941 for more information.