Legislative Checkup Week

Scheduled for September 11-15, 2017

For good oral health, you recommend your patients see you twice a year. For good legislative health, we recommend you visit your local legislators at least twice a year.

Schedule an appointment with your local representative and senator in their hometown offices and see how they score on our issues. You can even coordinate with your colleagues to make these visits together. You’ll get to rate how “healthy” they are on our issues. Will they get a clean bill of “health” or need follow-up preventive and restorative care? 

PDA will supply all the information you need for you to prepare and make your visits a success.
Here are four simple steps you need to take. 

  1. Check out www.legis.state.pa.us and click on the box in the right hand corner of the page to type in your home address and find your legislators. Or contact PDA’s government relations department for your legislators’ contact information.

  2. Schedule a meeting for the week of September 11-15, right before they return to Harrisburg for session. Let us know of your meeting(s) in advance. We will send you handouts for you to give to your legislators and their legislative health “checkup” forms, or you can download the handouts below.

  3. Download the background information and talking points listed below, or ask us to send you this information.

  4. Assess your legislators’ “health” on our issues and return their health “checkup” forms to PDA. Don't forget to email a picture of yourself and your legislator to mss@padental.org.

 Questions? Need Information? Contact Marisa Swarney, director of government relations at (800) 223-0016, ext. 116.

Background Information and Talking Points

Issue #1: Assignment of Benefits 

Issue #2: Student Loan Forgiveness



Issue #3: Medical Assistance Funding