Update on New CE Requirement on Opioids

PDA obtained clarification from the Department of State's Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) as to whether there are any exemptions in Act 124 for health care providers who do not prescribe controlled substances. 
BPOA confirmed that there are two exemptions for licensees:
  • Licensees who are exempt from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency's (DEA) requirements for a registration number.
  • Licensees who do not use the registration number of another person or entity, as permitted by law, to prescribe controlled substances in any manner. 
The continuing education (CE) requirement does apply to all licensees who have a current DEA registration or use another DEA number (as permitted by law) to prescribe controlled substances. They must complete at least two hours of CE in pain management, identification of addiction or the practice of prescribing or dispensing of opioids as a portion of the total CE required for biennial renewal. Please note that the CE requirement does not take effect until the 2019-2020 renewal period.
BPOA will add language to the licensing renewal application for licensees to attest whether or not they have a current DEA registration or are using another person or entity's DEA number to prescribe controlled substances. It will acquire proof of having obtained the required CE in a method similar to that of the child abuse CE requirement from those licensees to whom the law applies. 
BPOA is working with the Department of Health to approve the courses licensees may take. Stay tuned for more information from PDA in the coming months. You may also check out the State Board of Dentistry notices and soon-to-be-posted Frequently Asked Questions page on its website at www.dos.pa.gov/dent
Please contact the PDA government relations staff at (800) 223-0016 or mss@padental.org, with any questions or concerns.