Dental Complaint Resources

Patients who have complaints about a dentist have several options:

The first step is to initiate a conversation with the dentist and calmly and respectfully voice your complaint to him or her directly. You may need to make an appointment to do so, but it is an essential first step. Be prepared to outline the reasons for your dissatisfaction and have some idea of what you would like the dentist to do to remedy your complaint.

If the first attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution is unsuccessful, you may wish to consider mediating your complaint. Mediation is available through either a dental society patient relations program or outside professional mediators. Professional mediators work both independently or through community mediation centers and alternative dispute resolution centers and are accessible through the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators.

If you have pursued both options above and still have not reached a mutually satisfactory resolution of your complaint, you may wish to contact a private attorney who will advise you on the merits of your complaint. Be sure to discuss attorney fees at your first meeting.

The Dental Complaint Resources below are organized by county. Once you locate your county use the link to review the mediation resources available in your area.