Candidate for ADA Delegate


Dr. Cary J. Limberakis


What led you to decide that this was the year you wanted to volunteer for office (PDA Officer or ADA Trustee) or volunteer to attend the ADA and represent the PDA (ADA Delegate or Alternate)?

With our favorite son, Andy Kwasny, running for ADA Pre-Elect, I feel the contacts I made at the last 2 ADA meetings will help Andy get the votes he needs to win.

What is your specific area of interest within organized dentistry?

Membership is key to any association's success, that's why I've attended the last 9 ADA Membership R&R Conferences so that I can bring home membership best practices from across the country.

What is the main issue you see facing the ADA or PDA or Dentistry in general?

For the ADA, it's making clear their message is that they're looking out for us. For PDA, it's increasing membership. For Dentistry, it's limiting government intrusion.

List experience that you have that you feel prepares you for this position.

Served as ADA Delegate & on Reference Com, District President, PDA CoP, experienced with HoD process, both ADA and PDA.

Why should you receive my vote?

I'm dedicated and passionate about making the DA & PDA relevant to all dentists so that we all succeed.