Candidate for ADA Delegate


Dr. Jon J. Johnston


What led you to decide that this was the year you wanted to volunteer for office (PDA Officer or ADA Trustee) or volunteer to attend the ADA and represent the PDA (ADA Delegate or Alternate)?

I am serving on an ADA Council (CMIRP) and I feel I will have input to the meeting. My relationships with other ADA members will also allow me to help campaign for our ADA candidate.

What is your specific area of interest within organized dentistry?

I am serving on CMIRP so that will be my specific focus. I'm also interested in providing our members the educational and practice management tools they need to facilitate their ability to practice.

What is the main issue you see facing the ADA or PDA or Dentistry in general?

As always, membership is the biggest issue facing the PDA and ADA. By being the most relevant and important dental association the tripartite can demonstrate the value of membership.

List experience that you have that you feel prepares you for this position.

Active member of organized dentistry since dental school at all levels including PDA President and ADA Council. Most recently, I have been Chairman of PDAIS and am serving on CMIRP.

Why should you receive my vote?

I have always focused on what is best for the profession and, in particular, the members of the Tripartite. My goal is to make our profession and members' practices thrive.