Candidate for ADA Delegate


Dr. Michael Cerveris


What led you to decide that this was the year you wanted to volunteer to attend the ADA and represent the PDA?

The annual session this year will be facing a number of challenges related to the upheaval in government policy in regards to health care, and I feel it is important to partcipate.

What is your specific area of interest within organized dentistry?

Ethics and access to care issue.

What is the main issue you see facing the ADA or PDA or Dentistry in general?

Changing practice models and intrusion of government into auilliary licensing (D-Hat).

List experience that you have that you feel prepares you for this position.

I have served on the PDA board, as PDA president, ADA council member and chairman(CAPIR), and currently as the PA director of ADPAC.

Why should you receive my vote?

As an attendee and participant of 25+ annual sessions I know what to expect and most importantly how to properly prepare.