Candidate for ADA Delegate


Dr. Parampreet Chhina


What led you to decide that this was the year you wanted to volunteer for office (PDA Officer or ADA Trustee) or volunteer to attend the ADA and represent the PDA (ADA Delegate or Alternate)?

I got accepted into the IDL program at the ADA this year and because of this program I want to be more involved in leadership roles in ADA and witness first hand as to how we can make a change.

What is your specific area of interest within organized dentistry?

My primary interest lies in bringing more diversity in ADA, increasing the market share of foreign trained dentists in ADA, I also love being involved in New Dentist membership and retention.

What is the main issue you see facing the ADA or PDA or Dentistry in general?

ADA or PDA could offer more incentives for members especially the foreign trained dentists practicing in the US. I would love to see more diversity in leadership roles at the ADA or PDA.

List experience that you have that you feel prepares you for this position.

The IDL program at the ADA along with being an executive committee member at MBDS and Directors to the 2nd district has given me enough experience and confidence for this position.

Why should you receive my vote?

I am young, inspired, and passionate about organized dentistry. Along with my experience, and continuous learning I also bring diversity to the ADA. Therefore, I feel you should receive my vote.