Candidate for ADA Delegate


Dr. Nipa Thakkar


What led you to decide that this was the year you wanted to volunteer to attend the ADA and represent the PDA?

Over the past few years, I have worked very hard to represent the voice of the new dentist. I feel that that is a unique representation that is lacking in our delegation.

What is your specific area of interest within organized dentistry?

My specific area of interest within organized dentistry is in planning and implementation of programs to help with membership recruitment and retention and also in engaging new dentists.

What is the main issue you see facing the ADA or PDA or Dentistry in general?

One of the main issues with respect to organize dentistry in the future is a lack of association culture. There are so many groups to join - We need to work harder than we ever have before to provide.

List experience that you have that you feel prepares you for this position.

I am currently the chair of the ADA new dentist committee, and this is my 4th year on that committee. I have also served for 3 years on the ADA committee on annual meetings.

Why should you receive my vote?

I have been involved with organized dentistry since I was a student. I hope for your vote to represent dentistry and ensure that our profession always has a strong voice in the health care community.