PDA and ADA Dental Student Programs

Statewide Mentoring Program

In an effort to assist new dentists and dental students in locating a mentor, the PDA New Dentist Committee has created a Statewide Mentoring Program. The program is designed to match each mentee with a mentor that have similar criteria including location, specialty, personal interests, and preferred methods of communication. Learn more! 

Lunch and Learn

PDA-member new dentists present information on topics proposed by students over pizza. Previous topics suggested by students include:

  • Pennsylvania Loan Repayment Program
  • Tools for successful dental practice start-up
  • The importance of disability insurance for the new dentist

Student Outreach

PDA arranges events that provide students with an opportunity to network with PDA member dentists in informal settings. Past events include NHL and AHL hockey games, comedy clubs, and gatherings at Dave & Buster's Restaurant. This programs are funded through the ADA student activities grant and supplemented by the PDA. Click here to view upcoming events and photos!   

Consider Pennsylvania! 

Are you still considering future practice locations? If so, make sure you take a look at PDA's award-winning publication, Consider Pennsylvania! The booklet includes statistics on each area of the state, such as the number of privately practicing dentists, the population, the number of patients per dentist, the average age of practicing dentists and the median household income. Also included is a brief description of each area’s regional climate and activities and area photos. Click here to take a look!

Student Q & A

The PDA New Dentist Committee answers questions submitted by dental students. Topics range from the pros and cons of pursuing a specialty, to dealing with a dental vendor when you open your own practice. Click here to view the Q & A.