Hands On Extraction Classes
Learn advanced extraction techniques, elevating flaps, suturing, third molar removal, sinus perforation closure, using instruments properly and how to handle large abscesses and bleeding. Classes combine lecture and participation on live patients. Email: drtommymurph@yahoo.com or call (843) 488-4357. Website: www.weteachextractions.com.

SWAP DENTAL (A Facebook Group), South Western Area of Pennsylvania Dental Exchange, is a free cyber community site on Facebook. It provides dental professionals and their business partners a forum for the exchange of information to further their business relationships and the success of their businesses. For example, find permanent and temporary employees, look for buyers and sellers of dental practices and equipment.
Mobile Dentistry – Units For Sale
The units are enclosed trailers that are pulled by a truck. Both the trucks and trailers were purchased new in December 2017 and our company started servicing nursing homes in Virginia in January 2018. There is a generator that is bolted to the frame of the truck. It was also purchased new in December 2017. The unit is fully stocked with dental supplies in order for basic dentistry to be preformed. All dentistry was done from the patients wheelchair. One of the trailers is 28 ft bi-axle and the other is 32 ft tri-axle. Both are being stored in Richmond, Va. The trailers are equipped for shore power through a 50A/240V receptacle on the left front of the trailers. They can be connected via the generator or through a physical service. There are two circuit breakers on the trailer that feed the power to receptacles throughout the trailer. There are also 2 ac units that are hardwired and there is the vacuum system and air compressor that is housed in the outer compartment that is on the left side of the trailer. There is a Schick CDR sensor and a handheld X-ray machine in each unit. Contact amierabel@premiermobiledentistry.com.