Connections Mentoring Program

The Connections Mentoring Program is designed for both dental students and new dentists located in Pennsylvania. The PDA's New Dentist Committee (NDC) recognizes new dentists and dental students as the future of dentistry in Pennsylvania and wants to foster and encourage their participation in the organized dentistry community. In addition, many dental students and new dentists are in need of a little support, and who better to be there for them than the PDA community?

The NDC is actively recruiting dentists interested in serving as a mentor to a new dentist or dental student! Please complete the Become a Mentor Form if you are interested in serving in this capacity and supporting the future of your profession. Similarly, NDC members also are looking for new dentists and dental students who are looking for a mentor! We're anxious to begin matching you with an established dentist in your area. Please complete the Find a Mentor Form if you'd like to be entered into the program.

Any questions can be directed to the membership department (717) 234-5941.