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Electronic Health Records Incentive Payment Program
The Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Payment Program is a federal program that provides funding to states to develop and administer Medical Assistance (MA) provider electronic incentive programs. States receive a 90/10 percent match for program administration expenses and 100 percent match for provider incentive payments. The program's intent is to encourage provider adoption, implementation and meaningful use of electronic health records. Professionals could be eligible to receive payments up to $63,750 over a six year period. In order to assist MA providers in understanding how to demonstrate “meaningful use” of the system, the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) issued guidance to the provider community. 

Providers should contact DPW directly with questions about this program.

PDA Logo Usage
The trademarked logo of the Pennsylvania Dental Association represents an important element of PDA’s identity. Consistent use of the logo by PDA, component organizations, members and PDA-endorsed vendors reinforces this visual image as the symbol of quality dental care in Pennsylvania. Review the logo usage guidelines and to download the PDA logo. If you need assistance, please contact Natalie Owens, creative design manager, at (717) 234-5941, ext. 133.

Insurance Services
As a member, you are eligible to participate in a professional or personal insurance plan that meets your needs, including malpractice and disability insurance, with our insurance subsidiary PDAIS. Visit PDAIS and complete one of the fast, secure online quote forms, and a PDAIS representative will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote within three business days, or call (877) 732-4748

Taxable and Non-taxable Dental Supplies
To come to a consensus regarding the taxability of dental supplies, a task force of PDA members, legal counsel and representatives from Benco Dental Supplies was established and met with the Department of Revenue in 1995. The task force determined that any single-use item used in direct contact with the patient is a non-taxable item.

Informed Consent  
The goal of informed consent is to provide the patient with information necessary to determine whether to begin a new procedure or to remain in his or her current condition.

Moving Your Practice Checklist
(PDF file)
Are you looking to downsize, expand or relocate your practice? Let PDA help make your move as smooth and successful as possible with this checklist.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
This section is dedicated to explaining what HIPAA is and who must comply with its mandates.

Small Business Advantage Grant Program
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is now accepting new applications for the Pennsylvania Small Business Advantage Grant Program, which provides 50 percent reimbursement matching grants, up to $9,500, for small businesses in the Commonwealth to adopt or acquire equipment or processes that promote energy efficiency or pollution prevention.

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