Welcome, and thank you for your interest in your dental health.

Dental diseases are among the most common infections in the United States. Unfortunately, an ever-increasing number of people are unable to afford or find the dental care they need. Some government-sponsored programs have been developed to help patients. However, dealing with insurance programs can be challenging for all involved, including dentists. The Virtual Dental Van is a guide for all of us who care about oral health.

PDA believes that everyone should have a dentist to provide the care that is needed. We can help you to find a participating dentist and a “dental home,” a place where you can receive the dental care you need and return to for preventive care on a regular basis. The Virtual Dental Van also provides easy access to information so you can help yourself and your family prevent dental pain and infection.

The Virtual Dental Van also provides information for dentists, caseworkers and those who care for patients with special needs. There are programs created that are controlled entirely by the federal and state government to help the patients you serve. Neither PDA nor any individual dentist has any role in determining patient eligibility and reimbursement for any of these programs. But by you understanding the complexities of these government health care systems, you can make them work successfully for you.

PDA’s Virtual Dental Van is a tool to help patients, providers and others navigate the dental delivery system. We will do our best to guide you through the bumps, ruts and detours.

Please board the Virtual Dental Van!