Rohini Bhatia, DMD

Member Spotlight

Rohini Bhatia, DMD
Dr. Bhatia is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and she completed a prosthodontics program at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in New York.

What do you consider as your best career accomplishment so far? 

I love being a dentist, mom of two boys and wife to my amazing husband, and I attribute much of my success to having amazing mentors in life and in dentistry. My dad was my first mentor and I have loved practicing with him for the past 13+ years. Professionally, I am proud to have completed my Prosthodontics specialty training through the prestigious VA/NYU dental program in New York City. I am also very honored that I was elected as the first Indian-American President of the Academy of Stomatology and to be contributing to the PDA’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

Where do you aspire to be in five years? 

In five years, I hope I can inspire more friends, patients and youth to consider dentistry as a career. I enjoy connecting with patients and building relationships with their families, as well as keeping up with current trends in dentistry. I have found that creating a comfortable space for patients helps me tailor my skillset as a dentist to deliver high quality care based on the evolving standard of practice as well as each patient’s individual needs.

Favorite work-related product? 

It’s so hard to choose just one product because it is a lot of fun to utilize new technology within dentistry. I love my DSLR camera and use it daily for documentation and observing how patients respond to treatment over time. I also love our intra-oral emerald S Scanner and form labs 3-d Printer because it provides a tangible experience for patients to understand the future impact of dental technology.

What advice do you have for dental students and new dentists?

Find mentors, invest in yourself, and join a local study club. Dentistry can be a lonely profession; however surrounding yourself with other dentists and a supportive team is critical for becoming a successful dentist.

What is the biggest challenge that is facing dentistry as a field, diverse dentists, PA

New dentists graduate into a very challenging practice environment as they are dealing with a multitude of challenges such as managing student loan debt, practice debt, and organized dentistry. These hurdles are not going away and it’s getting tougher to practice as a solo practitioner in the current environment. I’m so proud of the diversity and inclusion task force. We need to educate and expand our dentists in PA by offering more webinars, clinical events, and team trainings for all dental professionals in PA.