Days of Recognition & Observance

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2/5/2023Tu B'ShvatDEIFEB5
2/14/2023Valentine's DayDEIFEB14
2/15/2023Birth of Susan B. AnthonyDEIFEB15
2/15/2023Parinirvana Day (Nirvana Day)DEIFEB15_
2/18/2023Maha ShivartiDEIFEB18
2/20/2023World Day of Social JusticeDEIFEB20
2/20/2023President's DayDEIFEB20_
2/22/2023Mardi GrasDEIFEB22
2/22/2023Ash WednesdayDEIFEB22_
2/27/2023Clean MondayDEIFEB27
3/1/2023Women's History MonthDEIMAR1
3/1/2023National Developmental Disabilities Awareness MonthDEIMAR1_
3/1/2023Zero Discrimination DayDEIMAR1_1
3/1/2023Nineteen-Day FastDEIMAR1_2
3/3/2023Employee Appreciation DayDEIMAR3
3/6/2023Birth of Harriet TubmanDEIMAR6


New Year's Day  January 1  
National Braille Day  January 4  
Feast of the Epiphany   January 6 Christian
Christmas  January 7 Russia
Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Birthday  January 9 Sikh 
Makar Sankranti   January 14 Hindu
World Religion Day   January 16 Eastern Christian
Tu B'Shvat  January 17 Jewish
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day  January 17  
Mahayana New Year   January 18 Buddhist
Un Holocaust Memorial Day  January 27  


Black History Month    
Lunar New Year  February 1  Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist
National Freedom Day 
 February 1  
 February 3  Japan
Vasant Panchami  February 5  Hindu
Valentine's Day 
 February 14  
Parinirvana or Nirvana Day  February 15  Buddhist 
Birthday of Susan B, Anthony  February 15  
 February 16  Hindu
World Day of Social Justice 
 February 20  
President's Day
 February 21  
AYYAM-I-HA or Intercalary Days  February 25-28  Bahá’í


Women's History Month
National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Zero Discrimination Day  March 1  
Mardi Gras   March 1 Western Christian 
Maha Shivarati   March 1 Hindu 
Ash Wednesday   March 2 Western Christian 
Nineteen-Day Fast
 March 2-20 Bahá’í
Losar  March 3-5 Buddhist 
Employee Appreciation Day   March 4  
Clean Monday   March 7 Eastern Christian 
International Women's Day   March 8  
Birthday of Harriet Tubman  March 10  
Purim  March 16-17 Jewish
St. Patrick's Day  March 17
Holi  March 18 Hindu
Hola Mohalla
 March 18-20       Sikh 
Nowruz  March 20 Zoroastrian
Naw-Ruz  March 20-21 Bahá’í
World Down Syndrome Day  March 21  
International Day for the Elimination
of Racial Discrimination

 March 21  
Khordad Sal
 March 26 Zoroastrian


Celebrate Diversity Month

Ramadan  April 2 - May 1  Islamic
World Autism Awareness Day  April 2  
Equal Pay Day  April 2  
National Tartan Day  April 6  
Rama Navami
 April 10  Hindu
Palm Sunday  April 10  Christian
 April 14  Hindu
Holy Thursday  April 14  Christian
Good Friday
 April 15  Christian
 April 15-23  Jewish
Theravada New Year  April 16-18  Buddhist
Easter  April 17 Christian
Festival of Ridvan
 April 19 - May 1 Bahá’í
International Earth Day  April 22
National Day of Silence  April 22  
Yom Hashoah
 April 27-28  Jewish
National Day of Mourning  April 28  
Laylat Al-Qadr
 April 28  Islamic
Gathering of Nations  April 29-30  


Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Jewish American Heritage Month

Eid Al Fitr  May 1-2  Islamic
Cinco de Mayo
 May 5  
National Day of Prayer (USA)  May 5  Interfaith
Mother's Day  May 8  
Birthday of the Buddha
 May 8  Buddhist
Visakha Puja  May 16  Buddhist
International Day Against Homophobia,  
Transphobia and Biphobia
 May 17  
Lag B'omer  May 18-19  Jewish 
Asian Gold Ribbon Day  May 20  
World Day for Cultural Diversity for
Dialogue and Development
 May 21  
Declaration of the Bab  May 23  Bahá’í
Ascension Day  May 26  Christian
Ascension of Baha’u’llah  May 29  Bahá’í
Memorial Day  May 31  


LGBT+ Pride Month

World Environment Day  June 5  
Race Unity Day
 June 12  Bahá’í
Puerto Rican Day Parade  June 12  
International Albinism Awareness Day
 June 13  
Flag Day  June 14  
International Day for the Elimination of
Sexual Violence in Conflict
 June 19  
 Juneteenth  June 19  
Father's Day  June 19  
World Refugee Day  June 20  
National Indigenous Peoples Day  June 21  
Litha, Summer Solstice  June 21
Canadian Multiculturalism Day  June 27  Canada
Birthday of Helen Keller  June 27  


Independence Day July 4  
Borthday of the 14th Dalai Lama July 6
The Hajj July 7-12
Martyrdom of the Báb July 9
Eid al-Adha July 9
Dharma Day July 13
Bastille Day
July 14
Glioblastoma Awareness Day July 22
Pioneer Day July 24-25
Americans with Disabilities Act Day
July 26
World Hepatitis Day July 28
Hijri New Year July 29-30 Islamic
International Day of Friendship
July 30  
Muharram July 30  Islamic


Purple Heart Day  August 7    
 August 7-8  Islamic
International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
 August 9  
Raksha Bandhan
 August 11  Hindu
International Youth Day
 August 12  
 August 12  Buddhist
Left-Handers Day  August 13  
Feast of the Assumption  August 15  Roman Catholic
Marcus Garvey Day  August 17  Jamaica
Krishna Janmashtami
 August 18  Hindu
World Humanitarian Day  August 19  
Senior Citizens Day  August 21  
American Business Women's Day  August 22  
International Day for the Remembranceof the Slave Trade and its Abolition
 August 23  
Women's Equality Day  August 26  
Ganesh Chaturthi  August 31  Hindu


National Hispanic Heritage Month
National Recovery Month

Labor Day  September 5  
Patriot Day  September 11  
International Day of Democracy  September 15  
Mexican Independence Day  September 16  Mexico
International Day of Peace  September 21  
Autumnal Equinox  September 22  
National Native American Day
 September 23  
Rosh Hashanah
 September 25-27  Jewish
Navrati  September 26-October 8  Hindu


National Disability Employment Awareness Month
Filipino-American History Month
LGBTQIA+ History Month

International Day of Nonviolence  October 2
Yom Kippur
 October 4-5
 October 5  Hindu
Mawlid al-Nabi
 October 7  Islamic
 October 9-16  Jewish
World Mental Health Day
 October 10  
Indigenous Peoples' Day
 October 10  
National Coming Out Day (LGBTQIAA+)
 October 11  
White Cane Safety Day
 October 15  
Bosses' Day
 October 16  
Shemini Atzeret
 October 16-18  Jewish
Simchat Torah
 October 17-18  Jewish
Birth of the Guru Granth  October 20  Hindu
Spirit Day (LGBTQIAA+ anti-bullying, GLAAD)  October 20  
International Stuttering Awareness Day  October 22  
United Nations Day  October 24  
 October 24  Hindu 
Bandi-Chhor Divas
 October 24  Sikh 
Birth of the Báb
 October 25-26  Bahá’í
Birth of Bahá’u’llá’h
 October 26-27  Bahá’í
Halloween  October 31
Reformation Day  October 31 Christian


National Native American Heritage Month

All Saint's Day  November 1  Christian
All Soul's Day  November 2  Christian
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Birthday
 November 8  Sikh
Election Day
 November 8  
World Freedom Day  November 9  
World Adoption Day  November 9  
 November 9  Jewish
World Science Day for Peace and Development  November 10
Veteran's Day
 November 11
World Kindness Day  November 13
International Dat for Tolerance
 November 16
Dutch American Heritage Day  November 16
International Men's Day  November 19
Transgender Day of Remembrance
 November 20  
Universal Children's Day  November 20  
 November 24  
Day of the Covenant
 November 26  Bahá’í
 November 27-Dec 24  Christian
Ascension of Abdu’l-Baha 
 November 28-29  Bahá’í


World Aids Day  December 1  
International Day of Disabled Persons
 December 3  
Bodhi Day
 December 8  Buddhist
International Human Rights Day
 December 10  
Our Lady of Guadalupe
 December 12  Christian
Bill of Rights Day
 December 15  
Las Posadas
 December 16-24  Mexico
International Migrants Day  December 18  
 December 18-26  Jewish
Winter Solstice
 December 21  
Christmas Eve
 December 24  Christian
Christmas Day
 December 25  Christian
 December 26 - January 1   
Boxing Day  December 26  
New Year's Eve  December 31