Laws & Regulations

Insurance Legislation

Act 65 Requires Dentists to Carry Malpractice Insurance

In June 2012, Gov. Corbett signed into law SB 388, now Act 65, legislation that requires dentists to carry malpractice insurance at minimum of $1 million per occurrence or claim and $3 million per annual aggregate. A licensee must show proof of having purchased this amount of insurance to the State Board of Dentistry.
PDA successfully lobbied to amend the legislation to include the following exemptions:
  • Dentists maintaining an active license but not practicing clinically.
  • Volunteer dentists in community-based settings.
  • Dentists whose employer provides coverage.
Act 65 took effect on August 22, 2012. It is our understanding that the State Board of Dentistry will most likely request proof of adequate insurance coverage before or during the licensure renewal cycle and that it will look to see that licensees have met the August 22 deadline for purchasing the amounts now required. PDA advises dentists to show a good faith effort at compliance by updating your policies immediately and not to wait until it is time to renew policies.