New Laws Impacting Dentistry

Update on New CE Requirement on Opioids
PDA obtained clarification from the Department of State's Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) as to whether there are any exemptions in Act 124 for health care providers who do not prescribe controlled substances. 


PDA Scores A Legislative Victory as Session Wraps Up
PDA took the lead in a health care provider coalition lobbying for HB 2241, legislation limiting the timeframe in which insurers may retroactively review and deny claims to 24 months, with some exceptions.

General Assembly Passes Legislation Requiring CE in Opioids
The General Assembly passed SB 1202, legislation that requires the following of health care providers.

State Forges Ahead with Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Pennsylvania is moving forward with its implementation of a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) with the expectation that it will become operational in August or early fall of 2016. All prescribers of Schedule II-V controlled substances will need to report to the database within 72 hours of prescribing the medication.

Pennsylvania law requires clearances when interacting with or treating children
New provisions in Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law require individuals to obtain several clearances every five years if, in the course of their employment or volunteer activities, they have either: direct contact with children because they provide care, supervision, guidance or control of children, AND routine interactive with children defined as “regular and repeated contact that is integral to a person’s employment responsibilities.” 
Temporary Licenses for Out-of-State Dental Volunteers: HB 426
Rep. Harry Readshaw (D-Allegheny) introduced HB 426, legislation that would allow the State Board of Dentistry to issue a temporary volunteer license to individuals who meet the set criteria.

Restricted Faculty Licenses for Dentists: HB 272
Rep. Bernie O’Neill (R-Bucks) introduced HB 272, legislation to amend the Dental Law so that dentists licensed in other states and most foreign-trained dentists to obtain a restricted faculty license so they may teach at Pennsylvania’s dental schools indefinitely.
The Impact of SB 1144
The Pennsylvania Dental Association, working in conjunction with the dental insurance carriers, supported SB 1144, which was signed into law Oct. 25, 2012 and took effect Dec. 25, 2012. The Act applies to all dental insurance contracts written in Pennsylvania after that date. 

Act 65 Requires Dentists to Carry Malpractice Insurance
In June 2012, Gov. Corbett signed into law SB 388, now Act 65, legislation that requires dentists to carry malpractice insurance at minimum of $1 million per occurrence or claim and $3 million per annual aggregate. A licensee must show proof of having purchased this amount of insurance to the State Board of Dentistry.

PDA Wins Fight for General Anesthesia Coverage for At-Risk Patients: HB 532
The General Assembly passed HB 532, legislation requiring insurers to cover general anesthesia costs for young children and patients with developmental disabilities who need dental care.

Governor Signs EFDA Bill
On April 29, Governor Rendell signed HB 602, now Act 19, into law. Passage of this legislation is the culmination of efforts made over the past three years by members who participated in grassroots initiatives to educate lawmakers about the operation of dental practices and the role of dental team members.

Philadelphia Ordinance Requires Brochures on Restoratives Options: Bill No. 040904
The Use of Mercury in Dentistry, was unanimously adopted by the Philadelphia City Council in December 2007. It requires Philadelphia County dentists who place or remove dental amalgam to provide to each patient once a restorative options brochure and obtain the patient's signed receipt of the brochure.

Patient Identification on Dentures and Orthodontic Applicances: Act 101
Signed into law in 2005, Act 101 requires the placement of patient names or initials on all dentures and most orthodontic appliances.

Insurance Legislation
This section is dedicated to laws and regulations that affect dental practices.