Act 31 and Act 124 CE Requirements

Courses will be scheduled in 2022 and 2023

Virtual courses:

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Online CE courses to fulfill Act 31 and Act 124 CE requirements

The Act 31 and Act 124 CE requirements can be fulfilled online. Visit the Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry’s website for a list of approved Act 31 providers at (click on Announcements and then Board Approved Act 31 Providers). Dental licensees (dentists, hygienists and EFDAs) can take any of the courses approved for mandated reporters or healthcare professionals or related specifically to dentistry.
Or, complete the complimentary online course available at The course is three hours and the State Board will recognize two of the three hours toward the CE hours needed for license renewal.
PDA has developed a 2-hour online course, Pain Management Alternatives and Identification of Addiction, to fulfill the Act 124 CE requirement and that course is accessible on the Prerecorded Events tab of the Event Calendar. The course is complimentary for PDA member dentists; $20 for hygienists and assistants; $100 for nonmember dentists and $50 for ADA members from another state.

PDA member dentists can sign in to the website with their username and password. Dental team members, ADA member dentists and nonmember dentists will need to establish a username and password the first time they take an online course offered by PDA. Contact PDA at (717) 234-5941, Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or email PDA’s membership department to establish an online account.

Every PDA member dentist has a username and password. For most members, your default website username is your first initial, last name and four-digit year of birth with no spaces and no punctuation. The password is lowercase ada and your ADA number. If you don’t remember your username or password, please contact PDA’s membership department.