Election Information

Details on the Election Process

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In order to vote, a member must have their current email address on file with PDA.

All active, life and retired members in good standing, as well as each American Student Dental Association (ASDA) chapter representative in Pennsylvania, will be emailed voting instructions along with a link to the online ballot.

  • Voting will begin on February 14, 2022.
  • PDA staff is available to assist eligible members with voting.
  • Election results will be emailed to members and posted on PDA’s webpage on March 1, 2022. (Results will also be included in the next Pennsylvania Dental Journal issue.)

In the event that no candidate for PDA Officer receives the majority of votes cast in a given round of voting AND/OR there is a fourth-place tie in the election for PDA Officer positions, a runoff election will be held. 

  • First Runoff
  • Second Runoff
  • Results from each runoff will be emailed to members the day after voting in that round concludes, and the final results will also be posted on the PDA web site.

2021 ADA Delegate and Alternate Attendance Detail

2022 Election Candidates
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ADA Delegates


PDA President-elect


PDA Treasurer

Dr. Tamara Brady Dr. Richard R. Grossman Dr. Samuel E. Selcher
Dr. Hadi Ghazzouli Dr. Sam Mansour
Dr. G.L. Hamm
Dr. Michael Korch
Dr. Roopali Kulkarni

Dr. Rachel Lewin
Dr. Selena Nguyen
Dr. Darleen Oleski
Dr. Allison Rascon
Dr. Joseph Ross
Dr. Ryan Rother
Dr. Eric Shirley
Dr. James Tauberg
Dr. Jay Wells
Dr. Dennis Zabelsky