We know that your mobile device is a vital business tool. You need information and accessibility at your fingertips. While most of us spend a lot of time on our devices, would you be surprised to know that 85 percent of that is spent in apps alone?

With this amazing membership benefit at no extra cost, you can get:

  • breaking news alerts
  • event registration
  • a full resource library
  • forums for discussions with colleagues
  • view an online CE course and so much more!


Member Testimonials

"Thank you so much. The PDA app has been a lifeline during this difficult time. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated. Wonderful job!" ~Dr. Donna DiJinio

"Thank you! The PDA Go app has become my go to app! Glad you had our backs thru this most stressful time!" ~ Dr. Vanessa Matos

"I brag to my fellow Council members all the time about our app! They are impressed at the technology and ease of communicating with members. It has been a life line in these trying times. Congrats on a job well done!" ~ Dr. Cynthia Olenwine

PDA at Your Fingertips!