Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, patients now have several choices when it comes to selecting the material that is used to fill a cavity.

PDA past president,
Dr. Thomas Gamba,
explains the most
common filling options,
including amalgam.



What are the different types of filling materials?
There are many materials that can be used to fill a cavity. The two most common are dental amalgam (silver fillings) and composite resin (tooth-colored fillings).

How do I know which material is right for me?
Consult with your dentist. Together, you can choose the filling material that is right for you, considering several factors such as performance, durability, longevity and cost.

I’ve heard that dental amalgam is unsafe. Is that true?
No. Dental amalgam has been used in tooth restorations worldwide for more than 100 years. Studies have failed to find any link between amalgam restorations and any medical disorder. Amalgam continues to be a safe restorative material for dental patients.


American Dental Association: Composite Fillings