Finding a Dentist

If you’ve recently moved or your dentist retired, you may be searching for a new dentist. But, how do you find a new dentist?


How can I find the right dentist for me?
The following are tips to help choose the dentist that is right for you:

  • Ask family, friends, neighbors and coworkers for recommendations.
  • Ask your family physician or local pharmacist.
  • Before moving, ask your current dentist for recommendations.
  • Find a PDA member dentist in your area.

When choosing a dentist, what other things should I consider?
When choosing a dentist, it is helpful to consider the following:

  • Is the appointment schedule convenient for you?
  • Is the office in close proximity to your home or job?
  • Is the office clean, neat and orderly?
  • Was your medical and dental history recorded and placed in a permanent file?
  • Does the dentist explain techniques that will help you prevent dental health problems? Is dental health instruction provided?
  • Is information provided about fees and payment plans before treatment is scheduled?
  • What happens if I miss an appointment? What is the appointment cancellation policy?
  • Are special arrangements made for handling emergencies after office hours?


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