Teeth Grinding/Clenching (Bruxism)

Most people grind or clench their teeth occasionally at night without even realizing it. However, for some it becomes a habit.


How do I know if I grind my teeth? 
Some people noticeably grind their teeth, while others make no sound. Waking up with a constant, dull headache or sore jaws are signs of teeth grinding.

Can this habit damage my teeth and jaws?
Most people who suffer from occasional grinding don’t cause damage to their teeth and jaws. However, if it becomes a constant habit, damage to the teeth can occur. In its most severe cases, the jaws and hearing may be affected.

What causes teeth grinding?
Teeth grinding can be caused by stress, caffeine, alcohol or an abnormal bite.

What is the treatment for teeth grinding?
Consult your dentist if you suspect you suffer from teeth grinding. If stress is causing the problem, find ways to relax. It may also help to avoid or limit alcohol and caffeine. If an abnormal bite is causing the grinding, your dentist can easily treat the improper alignment. Your dentist may recommend the use of a nightguard.


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