Sample Emails

PDA has drafted a wide range of sample letters, customizable for each component society. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the resource list below, please contact PDA's membership department at (717) 234-5941 for assistance.


Welcome Email

Below are two sample emails you can send to new members who join your society. New members are highlighted on your society’s Quarterly Membership Roster. You also could edit this email and send to reinstated members who have not held membership for three or more years. 

Welcome Email 1
Welcome Email 2 


Please Renew Email

On March 30, each district and local society receives a membership roster from PDA (sent to a specific group of district/local leaders). Non-renews are highlighted on this list. Use this email template to contact them and encourage renewal.

Request for Volunteers

Use this email template to contact prospective volunteers for your society. This email includes ideas for micro-volunteering opportunities, too. If your society is looking to fill a specific volunteer role, please update the text accordingly. Keep in mind that micro-volunteer roles are a great way to get more people involved in your society!

If you would like sample volunteer role descriptions, please contact Sarah Adams.