Can I limit the number of Medical Assistance (MA) patients in my practice?

According to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Policy, Analysis and Planning, Pennsylvania’s state MA statute permits providers to choose or limit who they serve, as long as they only do so fairly and on a non-discriminatory basis. (i.e., that a provider does not discriminate based on any factors prohibited under civil rights laws, and applies their policy equally and fairly to all patients served regardless of whether they are MA recipients, covered under commercial insurance, self-pay, etc.) The department does not exercise jurisdiction over civil rights laws and cannot "approve" or guarantee that any arrangement a provider enters into will be free from discrimination challenges/allegations, or that the provider will prevail if challenged. We strongly recommend that providers opting to apply such policies post the policies in an open and conspicuous manner (such as the waiting room) and inform all of their patients of the policies in advance.

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