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The new ECO II+: The most efficient and cost-effective solution to the EPA regulations on amalgam separators. Now even more advanced!

PureLife Dental, a leading distributor of health and compliance solutions, has been offering PDA members a comprehensive, simple and affordable solution to recent regulatory changes since 2018. EPA regulation went into effect July 14, 2017, requiring the majority of practices to install an amalgam separator and to properly dispose of solid amalgam waste such as chair-side traps and spent amalgam capsules. PureLife has partnered with PDA to offer members solutions for both amalgam separators and its amalgam recovery service  at heavily discounted pricing. 

Thanks to its partnership with PDA, PureLife now offers its newly upgraded, efficient, ISO 11143-certified ECO II+ amalgam separator for an exclusive reduced price of $299, saving PDA members more than $500 over competing solutions. Included in the program, PDA members will also receive a discounted annual replacement cartridge and disposal service agreement at a significantly reduced cost of $269. PDA member dentists will also benefit from PureLife’s cutting edge DocHubTM electronic compliance platform, which provides an online tracking portal and automated e-certificates to simplify regulatory requirements.

All in all, the ECO II+ solution saves dentists up to 50% in compliance-related costs mandated by the government while greatly reducing overhead thanks to the DocHub™ electronic platform.

The ECO II+ Advantage

Efficient by design, the engineering of the ECO II+ makes it the more economical alternative to competitors:

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Higher flow rate supports 10 operatories (20 in Tandem configuration)
  • Minimizes biofilm and bacteria buildup vs. competing systems
  • No disruptive vacuum loss & flexibility to work with almost any vacuum system 
  • Easy online verification to maintain EPA/OSHA compliance
  • Exceeds ISO standards with over 99.3% filtration efficiency 
  • Low exclusive PDA member price, saving dentist hundreds of dollars compared to competing systems
  • Online documentation and automated e-mail maintenance alerts
  • No maintenance required
  • Lifetime Warranty

To achieve total compliance and total peace of mind, PDA members can order the ECO II+ amalgam separator by calling PureLife directly at (877) 777-3303 or ordering online at Alternatively, you can find more information about PureLife’s Amalgam Recovery System here. For more information on the ECO II+ amalgam separator, visit