Advisory Groups

Participation in an advisory group provides valuable networking opportunities while advancing the mission of PDA, and we seek your involvement to achieve its goals. The groups already are active online and it will take just a few minutes for you to identify the group or groups you would like to be a part of and sign up.

Access to Oral Health Advisory Group

Staff Moderator: Marisa Swarney

The primary focus of the Access to Oral Health Advisory Group is to identify barriers to accessing dental care in Pennsylvania. The advisory group is responsible for implementing PDA programs and initiatives to assist dentists who are providing services to individuals on public assistance and other underserved populations. The advisory group may nominate consultants and request assistance from members, government officials and the public if necessary.

Communications and Public Relations Advisory Group

Staff Moderator: Rob Pugliese

Promoting dental awareness and dental issues effectively and accurately is the primary focus of the Communications and Public Relations Advisory Group. It accomplishes this task by launching numerous public relations campaigns, such as National Children’s Dental Health Month, and oversees the Pennsylvania Dental Journal and website.

Concerned Colleague Advisory Group

Staff Moderator: Kathleen Bumpers

The Concerned Colleague Advisory group members provide confidential assistance to impaired dental professionals, as well as educational services. Group members provide monitoring, support and education as dental professionals re-enter practice and continue with recovery. 

Dental Benefits Advisory Group

Staff Moderator: Marisa Swarney

The Dental Benefits Advisory Group monitors third party payers and develops positions and recommendations related to dental benefits policies and procedures. The advisory group helps prioritize PDA’s legislative and regulatory goals related to insurance issues. It also assists members with understanding how third party payers operate and with resolving insurance-related problems. 

Environmental Issues Advisory Group

Staff Moderator: Kathleen Bumpers

The Environmental Issues Advisory Group assists with monitoring and responding to any state or local legislation or regulations that is specific to environmental issues and their impact on the dental profession. The advisory group develops educational material for members, such as the Waste Management Guidelines, which details typical waste streams identified in the practice of dentistry and procedures for handling and disposing of these wastes.






Responsibilities of Advisory Group Chair

  • Serves up to a one-year term with a one-year term extension possible
  • Serves as moderator of the advisory group
  • Initiates discussions
  • Posts items in library
  • Calls for votes
  • Posts vote results
  • Communicates as needed with staff liaison
  • Writes annual report to the Board of Trustees

Responsibilities of Advisory Group Member

  • Serves up to a one-year term with no appointment term limits
  • Initiates discussions 
  • Participates in discussions
  • Presents chair with items of relevance to be posted in advisory group’s library
  • Reads provided materials/researches issues
  • Votes on issues presented by chair
  • Performs tasks as defined by Board of Trustees