A Dental Detective in our Midst 🧐🔍

A fun and creative way to promote one of our newest PDA Member Advantage partners, Panacea Financial, took place during recent bi-weekly Front St. 411 video newsletters. Over a two-week period, 8 clues related to Panacea Financial were strategically placed in the videos. Some clues were visual, while others were spoken. Dr. Karin Brian brilliantly located the clues, identified the partner as Panacea, and found the clue with the email to send her submission. Upon congratulating Dr. Brian, she said that she "loves a good mystery!"

Panacea offered a prize pack of high-end items for the outdoors. (shown in the graphic above)  Maybe next time, you could be a winner like Dr. Brian!

Front St. 411 videos can be viewed in our video library. On the home page, visit Communications > Webinar&Video Library