Turn on your app notifications!

PDA Go is a communications tool. Therefore, members and staff use the tool to contact you - either with noteworthy news, a forum question or a personal message. If you've tried to reach out to someone with no response, the likely cause is that they don't have their notifications turned on to know that their attention is needed.

It's easy to check. In the app, tap "More" at the bottom > Tap Settings > Tap Notification Settings > Toggle the button to the right of each category. Right above Notification Settings is the "Show In-App Chat Notifications". Toggle that button to the right so you know when a fellow member is trying to contact you.

Questions? Message me in the app! Go to Messages - tap the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner, type my name: Michelle Berrones, check the box and type away. I'll respond to you in a timely manner. My notifications are all turned on. :)