Credit Card Processing

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PDA endorsed since 2020

Keep More of What You Earn
Why not use a credit card processor that can save you money while providing outstanding service?

A wide range of options for contactless processing - from standalone terminals to online and mobile solutions. Contactless options for protection of staff and patients.
  • Online processing allows you to set-up recurring payments, take payments at your website and more
  • Automated posting of payments to popular dental software options
  • U.S. based customer service – you get people, not prompts!
PDA Members can submit their most recent credit card processing statement to get a no-obligation analysis from Best Card on how much they might be able to save by switching to Best Card. Email or fax to (866) 717-7247. Receive a $5 Amazon gift card just for checking.

"I've been using Best Card for my merchant services for at least 10 years. I'm so happy with them.  I'm a dentist and this company has been endorsed by my local Dental Association for years.  They've gradually picked up other endorsements, and I know there are financial reasons why endorsements happen, but the reality is I pay MUCH less than I have ever paid, and no one can touch the rates and service.  I call (rarely) and usually it is with a question versus an issue.  When I do call, I get a personalized answer from someone in their office.  I've had personal conversations with their principal owners and they are simply great.  I highly recommend you giving them a try, you sincerely won't regret it." 

-Dr. Kirk King, Renton, WA

Call Best Card at (877) 739-3952 or visit to learn more.