Precious Scrap Metal Recovery

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PDA endorsed since 2004
PDAMA Bronze Partner

With D-MMEX's EasyRefine program, you can receive fair market value for your scrap metal.

PDA members can utilize this unique program and maximize precious scrap metal returns. D-MMEX is endorsed by 15 state dental associations or their affiliates and used by thousands of dentists internationally.

Benefits include:

  • PDA members receive a 5 percent premium on the total value
  • Free and insured shipping of all precious scrap contents
  • No charge for melt and assay
  • All-elements analysis, including gold, platinum, palladium and silver
  • Detailed analysis report illustrating the value of the shipment
  • Fast Payment, with settlement check in about 10 business days
  • High-value compensation: Receive 97 percent of gold value, 90 percent of silver and platinum and 85 percent palladium
  • Access to current market prices on D-MMEX's website
For a free shipping kit, contact D-MMEX at (800) 741-3174. Turn your scrap into cash - it's easy and fast.

Client Testimonial

“I’ve been a client of D-MMEX EasyRefine for six years. From the ease and speed of packaging with their free mailing kit to the detailed analysis report received with each settlement check, the D-MMEX EasyRefine program is the best I’ve ever experienced. Their integrity, professionalism and accuracy have made me a raving fan! I highly recommend their services!”

Kristine Forrey, Executive Assistant
White Family Dental, Elizabethtown, PA