Health & Wellness Resources

Reprinted from ADA.ORG

Health and Well-Being Program

PDA’s Health and Well-Being Program, administered by the Physicians’ Health Program, offers a comprehensive assistance program that responds to referral statewide, and offers a structured, monitored and long-term recovery program. The program responds in a compassionate and confidential manner to dental professionals with substance abuse disorders. 

Dentists in private practice often work in an environment free from interaction and the scrutiny of peers that is often experienced in a hospital or clinic setting. Coworkers may be subordinates where dentists hold the authority, which makes it extremely difficult for staff to intervene in potentially problematic situations. Possible warning signs of addiction can include: changes in appearance or personal hygiene, extreme mood swings, disregarding priorities, isolation, lack of motivation, or the development of a mental illness such as depression or anxiety.  

If you are suffering from addiction or mental illness, or you are aware of somebody in the dental community who may be exhibiting warning signs, please consider contacting PDA toll free at (800) 223-0016.  Education, identification and intervention are the first steps towards rehabilitation.