PDA Public Service Award

The PDA Public Service Award may be presented to an individual or group (ADA dentist or non-dentist) who has brought national recognition to Pennsylvania through personal activities, actions or contributions that have improved the oral health of the public. The Annual Award Committee may select an individual who, in its judgment, has led an effort to pass major legislation for the protection and enhancement of the oral health of citizens of Pennsylvania, led a regional or statewide access to dental care effort for the under-served populations, played a leading role and personally made a significant contribution in education of the public regarding the importance of good oral health, risked their personal and professional reputation to undertake public activities and positions on behalf of any public welfare issue or contributed significantly to community and/or charitable service.


Past Recipients of the PDA Public Service Award

1976 - Mrs. Ann Bixler 2010 - Dr. Philip T. Siegel
1977 - Mr. Stearl Sponaugle 2011 - Dr. Peter J. Carroll
1977 - The Honorable Anita Kelly 2011 - Dr. David A. Tecosky
1977 - The Honorable Marvin Miller Jr. 2012 - Dr. Andrew D. Gould
1989 - Dr. Maurice K. Goddard 2012 - Dr. John H. Kiessling
1991 - Dr. Eugene Czarnecki* 2012 - Dr. Harry P. Meyers
1995 - PADIT Team Members 2013 - Dr. E. Steven Moriconi 
1996 - Dr. Eli Stavisky 2014 - Dr. Gary S. Davis
1998 - Dr. Edwin Weaver 2015 - Dr. David R. Russell
2001 - Dr. Julius Eingorn 2016 - Dr. Charles A. Kosteva
2002 - Dr. Joseph J. Kohler III 2016 - Mrs. Patricia L. Atno
2002 - Dr. David Shapter
2017 - Dr. Kenneth A. Fetter
2002 - Mr. William Sesler, Esq.
2018 - Community Volunteers in Medicine
2005 - Dr. John M. Bush
2020 - Dr. Daniel W. Pituch
2006 - Dr. Joseph R. Greenberg
2021 - Dr. Joan I. Gluch, PhD
2007 - Dr. Craig S. Pate  2022 - Dr. Renee Fennell
2008 - Dean Martin F. Tansy 2023 - Dr. William B. Trice*
2009 - Dental Society of Chester/Delaware Counties (GKAS Program)