Regulated Medical Waste Management

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PDA endorsed since 2022
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Clym Environmental Services, LLC (Clym) is proud to offer PDA Members access to the most environmentally responsible and effective regulated medical waste (RMW) service in the country. Our team of highly trained and dedicated personnel provide turnkey management of RMW including point of generation collection, safe transport and waste processing using our innovative ozone technology. Unlike our competition who rely on rigid contracts and polluting processes, Clym’s service is easy on your team and our environment. We create naturally occurring ozone from ambient air and disinfect medical wastes in minutes with no hazardous emissions. We are also able to recover and sort recyclable plastics to support a true circular plastics economy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Contact Clym today to get started with this exciting, PDA endorsed RMW service, (888) 289-2324 or We can also assist with safety compliance services as needed, such as OSHA audits; safety plan creation, review and updates; staff training; secure document management and comprehensive waste management services. Learn more about all of our services and how we are “Pioneering Sustainable Regulated Medical Waste Management” at